Camping Math Activities For Preschoolers

There are many different camping math activities for preschoolers that you can do during your  trip. Some of these activities can be done as a group activity, while others can be done individually. Some of these activities can be done with binoculars, which will help your child develop his or her math skills and small muscles in the hands.

One example of a fun math activity that can be done at a camping trip is sorting rocks by their attributes.

Lessons in comparison and measurement

Children need time to compare things and roles, and camping activities for preschoolers can help them do this. Use a storybook as a role model and sample script to act out scenes from the book. Or have a parent talk about his or her own camping experiences to give students a real-life context for the story.

The Dramatic Play area can be transformed into a camp site. A teacher introduces vocabulary, storytelling, and sharing, while the students learn to pitch tents and search for firewood. They can also choose individual shapes to represent the elements of a picture.


Camping is fun for everyone, but it can also be a learning experience for children. Bringing along a few books on the subject will help, as will finding and playing games. For instance, a nature tic-tac-toe game can be played with natural materials, and older children can even decorate an old container to serve as a bug hotel.

There are many preschool books on camping, and you can find some at your local library or used bookstore. If you’re on a budget, Amazon has several good options.

Another camping-themed craft is a camp lantern. Preschoolers can learn about the various types of animals through this activity. They can choose one of the animals and recreate its track using a sponge or cardboard square, and they can make an animal-themed camping lantern.

Alternatively, you can make a color scavenger hunt, which encourages outdoor play, and requires children to use their imagination to find colors and match them with other materials.

Scavenger hunt

During your camping trip, you can prepare a fun Scavenger Hunt for your children to complete, incorporating math and nature elements. This activity can be used to enhance the learning experience of preschoolers. You can print out a worksheet for your kids to complete, then encourage them to go and find the items. These activities will improve their spatial awareness and encourage them to observe their surroundings.

Scavenger hunts promote observational skills, gross motor development, and social skills. Your children will be engaged in this exciting activity, while also increasing their vocabulary. You can choose a theme for your scavenger hunt, or set a time limit.

Fraction worksheets for preschoolers * Camping activities


There are many math activities for preschoolers that involve fractions, and a camping trip is the perfect time to start teaching them. One fun activity involves making fractions using different objects, like two cups and a small bowl. Then, the child can play a fun game called “Fraction Maze.” For this activity, you will need paper and a writing tool.

Another great camping math activity is the SMores Math Worksheet. There are worksheets for different grade levels for kids to complete, and the cute clipart will keep them engaged. These worksheets help children learn the concept of fractions while also enhancing their math skills.

Subtraction equations

Subtraction equations for camping math activities for pre-schoolers are fun ways to practice addition and subtraction facts. The students will count items on a card and record the sum on a response sheet.

Other activities include Sand Digger Counting, which involves counting the beach items. Students can also practice counting the different kinds of ocean creatures and writing an addition or subtraction equation to calculate the total on a response sheet.

For another camping math activity, children can count the number of items in a camping site and then solve the subtraction equation.

Math sheets for camping


Camping is a wonderful time to introduce children to counting. The camping worksheets will help them learn about the number 1 to 15 and practice their counting skills. They can also learn about patterns and fine motor skills. Many of these worksheets are free and printable. To find more camping worksheets, visit Play to Learn Printables Club.

This counting activity is an excellent way to introduce kids to number recognition and to develop their visual discrimination skills. This activity can be repeated for multiple sessions. For example, a child may need to find a specific number of seashells to count. Alternatively, he or she may need to group shells and arrange them in groups. These activities are great for developing visual discrimination skills and helping preschoolers understand how to count and sort objects.

Pattern mats

Camping theme pattern mats can be used to teach children how to identify patterns. Children will enjoy looking at pictures of fun camping activities and putting them in the correct order in the correct row. They can also be used as cut-and-paste worksheets. Preschoolers can work independently or in groups.

Pattern mats come in a variety of different colors. The colors used in the patterns can be changed to make new patterns. They can also be used in science centers. The no-prep nature makes them a great summer activity.


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