DIY Camping Activities For the Family

DIY camping activities are really great fun for the whole family. Camping trips are great times to make some homemade crafts with the kids. Make a duct tape campfire, paper plate binoculars, popsicle stick tent, or even a scavenger hunt! Whatever you do, don’t forget to pack a guidebook for the kids.

Make a duct tape campfire

DIY Camping Activities

Camping is a great activity for families, especially for kids. It allows everyone to spend time outdoors, and duct tape crafts are ideal for sitting by the campfire. Not only can you make a campfire with duct tape, but you can also make a duct tape sit upon it for comfort.

For this fun craft, you will need four feet of duct tape. Cut the duct tape into two pieces, one on each side. Now, wrap the strips around a water bottle or other similar-sized object. And finally light it on fire.

DIY camping activities

Make a paper plate binoculars

DIY Camping Activities

If you’ve been on a camping trip with your kids or love the outdoors, you can easily make a pair of DIY Binoculars. The best part is that it’s really simple and fun. The DIY Binoculars can be used to find birds and other wildlife in the great outdoors.

These simple paper plate binoculars are perfect for camping or other outdoor activities. The fun thing about them is that most people have all the materials needed at home. You can add toilet paper rolls, cardboard tubes, and other items to make them look more realistic. You can even make some fun accessories out of them, such as a bear detector.

Make a popsicle stick tent

DIY Camping Activities

This DIY camping activity can be a fun craft for the family to do together. With just a few simple supplies, you can make a popsicle stick tent for the kids. The tent can be decorated by painting or drawing on the sticks. You can also add paper pieces for embellishments. After it has dried, you can display the creation.

The tent can be used for all sorts of activities. Kids can even use construction paper to make a scene at the campsite. Use brown construction paper to make tree trunks and branches and green construction paper to make leaves and grass. Then, cut out smaller shapes for flaps to put on the tent.

Make a popsicle stick tent - DIY camping activities

Make a scavenger hunt

DIY Camping Activities

Scavenger hunts are a great way to engage kids in nature and experience the outdoors, and they’re also a great way to get kids involved. These adventures can be as simple as a treasure hunt, or they can involve more sophisticated activities. While some treasure hunts require the kids to hunt for a specific object, others are based on sensory experiences. These types of scavenger hunts are ideal for toddlers who thrive on sensory play, or older children who want to engage in an interactive activity.

Scavenger hunts are great supplemental activities for hiking or biking trips. They can cover a lot of ground while being engaging and educational. Scavenger hunts can also be picture-based, which is great for kids who can’t read yet.

Make a paper plate tent

DIY Camping Activities

First, you’ll need two paper plates. One should be the base, the other the top. Cut them to fit. Next, cut them so they’re long enough to fold over the middle stick and over the sides of the tent. Fold the paper over the middle stick and press it down gently to adhere it. Let the glue dry. Repeat for the other two plates. Make sure they’re all the same size, too.

Next, you’ll need some craft supplies and scrapbook paper. You may be surprised to find that most people already have the necessary supplies at home. Glue the pieces together, and allow the glue to dry before adding the scrapbook paper.

Make a s’mores

DIY Camping Activities

Making a s’more while camping is a fun way to spend an evening in the great outdoors. They are simple to make and only require three ingredients. These desserts are synonymous with childhood memories. The original recipe dates back to the early 1920s and was created by girl guides.

First, make a fire. If possible, start the fire a bit before you prepare the s’mores. It’s safer to start with red embers than a fresh flame. Prepare your ingredients. You’ll need graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate bar. The first two pieces should contain two rectangles of chocolate each. Next, layer the chocolate squares over the graham cracker squares.

Make a leaf rubbing

DIY Camping Activities

A fun way to engage kids in the outdoors is to make a leaf rubbing. This activity is easy to do and requires a piece of paper and crayon. The idea is to rub the leaf over a piece of paper so that the outline of the leaf is revealed. It’s a great activity for younger children, teaching them about textures. Older kids can do multiple rubbings to create a beautiful piece of art.

To make this project, you’ll need a white sheet of paper, black crayon, watercolor paint, and a leaf. You can use any kind of leaf, as long as it’s large enough to fit the sheet of paper. You can even use tape to hold the leaf in place.


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