The 10 Best Delaware Campgrounds

Are you looking for the best Delaware campgrounds? Stop looking! On this blog, we’ve made a list of the 10 best campgrounds in Delaware based on things like privacy, amenities, and ratings.

From Cape Henlopen State Park to Shawn’s Hideaway, these camping spots have everything you need for a great camping trip.

Read on if you’re planning your next camping trip or just want to learn more about Delaware’s best campgrounds.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes

Campgrounds in Delaware

Even if camping isn’t your thing, you can find some great places to camp in Delaware.

Cape Henlopen State Park is a great place to stay if you want to camp with your family.

Swimming and fishing are just two things that people of all ages can do.

There are also a lot of hiking trails that will lead you to new adventures. If you want peace and quiet, this park isn’t the best place to go.

At the park, there are things for campers to use, like a playground and propane fire pits. Because of this, there is a campground in Delaware for everyone, no matter what they like.

Holly Lake Campsites, Millsboro

Campgrounds in Delaware

The campgrounds at Holly Lake are some of the best in Delaware. Campers will have a truly unique experience at this campground because of how peaceful and beautiful it is.

There is something for everyone at Holly Lake Campground, from swimming in the lake to hiking in the woods. Campers can enjoy the great outdoors as well as modern amenities like showers and washing machines. Today is a good day to go camping in Delaware at the Holly Lake campground.

Picnic in Holly Lake Campsites, Millsboro - Campgrounds in Delaware

Massey’s Landing

Campgrounds in Delaware

Camping in Delaware is a great way to spend a long weekend or a whole week. At Massey’s Landing, there is no way around the rule. Because you can see the river from here, it’s a great place for a family picnic or a walk in the woods.

There are a lot of things to do in Massey’s Landing, like fishing and hiking. The campsites are big and well-kept, so they can fit larger groups and families.

If you want a quiet place to camp, Massey’s Landing isn’t the best place. Those who want to see and do everything Delaware has to offer will like it, though.

Delaware Seashore State Park, Rehoboth Beach

Campgrounds in Delaware

The Atlantic Ocean is right next to Delaware Seashore State Park, so beach lovers will love it.

Some of the things you can do in the park are swimming, hiking, and fishing. If you want to get away from everyday life, Rehoboth Beach is the place to go. This beach town is well-known for its beautiful beachfront facilities and family-friendly vibe.

No matter where you decide to camp this summer, you should add Delaware Seashore State Park to your list of summer camps.

Killens Pond State Park

Campgrounds in Delaware

Killens Pond State Park isn’t a special case. It has a variety of trails for walking and biking, a swimming area, a playground, and places to have a picnic. Here, you’re sure to find the perfect place to camp for your trip. If you want something more private, you could try one of the cottages or lodges in the park that are close by. In either case, Delaware campgrounds are a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Lums Pond State Park

Campgrounds in Delaware

Lums Pond State Park is one of the best places to camp in Delaware.

There are a lot of hiking and biking trails in the park, and there are also several places to swim.

Also, Delaware City has a lot of places to eat, which makes it a great place to spend a weekend. So get your camping gear and head to Lums Pond State Park!

Beach campgrounds in Delaware

G&R Recreation Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

Everyone of any age can camp at G&R Recreation Campground. You’ll find a lot of fun things to do, like a playground and a pool.

Along the Delaware River, you can also go fishing, which is a lot of fun. Camping at G&R Recreation Campground is a great way to spend a day that will leave you feeling refreshed and reenergized!

Lost Lands RV Park, Fenwick Island

Campgrounds in Delaware

Campers who want a variety of amenities, like an outdoor pool and playground, will love Lost Lands RV Park.

Lost Lands RV Site should be at the top of your list if you want to go camping with your dog or cat.

You can also go hiking, biking, fishing, or kayaking in the area. When you’re at Lost Lands RV Park, check out the park’s Facebook page for the latest news and information about the campground.

Historic Blueberry Farm

Campgrounds in Delaware

Among its many attractions, one of the most popular campsites is Blueberry Farm.

The campground has beautiful views and is great for hiking and camping.

There are also a lot of activities that you can do on-site, like fishing, birdwatching, and more.

There’s also a playground for the kids, which makes it a great place to spend time.

The private lake provides a great place to swim or boat.

If you’re looking for an adventurous camping trip that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, Blueberry Farm is definitely the spot for you.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Delaware Beach

Campgrounds in Delaware

Delaware beach camping is a popular option for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is a great place to camp. It offers a variety of activities, including swimming, fishing, and playing in the arcade.

People who visit Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park will have a lot of fun. The campsite is well-organized and provides everything that campers might need.

The campsites have colorful tents with comfortable beds and hot showers available 24/7.

There’s also an arcade, playground, and food court on site for kids to enjoy.

Treasure Beach RV Park & Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

If you’re looking for a rv site, Treasure Beach RV Park & Campground is a great choice.

The park has more than 50 campsites that are spacious and perfect for larger RVs or tents.

You can also enjoy the pool, playground, and game room at the park.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Treasure Beach RV Park & Campground is the place to go!

Rv Camping in Delaware

Oak Forest Park

Campgrounds in Delaware

Oak Forest Park is a great place to camp because it is one of the best in the state.

People who camp at Oak Forest Park are usually happy with their experience.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as swimming, fishing, golfing, and hiking.

The facilities at the park include a variety of things, like showers, laundry rooms, and a playground.

The park is also dog-friendly, so you can take your furry friend along with you on your adventure!

Big Oaks Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

Big Oaks Campground is a great campground for anyone looking for a relaxing experience. It comes highly recommended for its amazing location in beautiful Delaware.

The campsites at the park are large and offer many different types of accommodations. These include tents, RVs, and cabins.

There are many different things to do at the campground, including a swimming pool, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis court, and more!

The campground offers year-round camping opportunities, so you can always enjoy the great outdoors.

Shawn’s Hideaway

Campgrounds in Delaware

Shawn’s Hideaway is one of the best campsites in the state because of its rustic and peaceful atmosphere.

The campground is a great place for couples who want to get away from the everyday world. It’s perfect for people who want to have some privacy and peace.

It offers great hiking and fishing opportunities, as well as easy access to the state’s beaches.

The cabins are housed in an old tobacco barn, which gives them a relaxing ambiance.

There’s also a playground, pool, and spa on site that make it the perfect spot for kids too! So, if you’re looking for a state with plenty to offer campers, look no further than Delaware!

Gulls Way Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

For anybody who wants to spend some time outside and appreciate the environment, the Gulls Way Campsite is a good option. It’s a great place to learn camping because it’s well-kept.

In addition, fishing and hiking are two activities available.

This is the perfect place for a quiet camping experience. As compared to other Delaware campsites, the prices are quite reasonable.

Deep Branch Family Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

Delaware campgrounds are a great option for family-camping. Deep Branch Family Campground is no exception.

It is good for families and has a lot to do, like hiking and biking trails, a lake for fishing, and a playground for the kids.

Plus, the staff is friendly and helpful, so you can rest assured you’ll have no problems while camping here.

Deep Branch Family Campground is a campground in Delaware that will get you revved up and ready for some adventure. If you’re trying for a campground that will get you pumped, this is it!

Homestead Campground

Campgrounds in Delaware

If you’re looking for camping in an area that’s secluded, then Homestead Campground is the perfect place for you. It has some great amenities like a pool and spa.

There are also easy ways to get to hiking trails and places to kayak and canoe. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful nature near Delaware campgrounds. It would be a shame not to!

Tall Pines Campground Resort

Campgrounds in Delaware

If you’re looking for a campground with great amenities, look no further than Tall Pines Campground Resort. This campground has everything from beaches to golf courses and more!

You can also enjoy fishing in the lake or taking a swim in the pool. Plus, there is plenty of room for tents and RVs.

Camping, fishing, crabbing, clamming, and a stunning view of the Delaware shore are all available at this gated resort along Rehoboth Bay.

Leisure Point Resort

Delaware Campgrounds

Leisure Point Resort is a campground that offers amenities like beaches, pools, and more.

You can also enjoy biking or hiking in the park-like surroundings. There’s even a playground for the kids!

If you’re looking for something to do while camping in Delaware, Leisure Poing Resort should definitely be on your list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you live in an RV in Delaware?

If you’re looking for a great place to live in an RV in Delaware, then consider camping at one of the state’s campsites. These campsites offer direct access to water and power, as well as full hookups for your RV.

In addition, many campsites also have amenities like showers, wi fi, playgrounds, and more.

How much does it cost to camp at Delaware State Parks?

Depending on the campsite you choose, the cost to camp at Delaware State Parks ranges from $14-$38 per night.

There are also fee-free camping areas across the state park system that offer amenities such as swimming, fishing, boating, and more.

Moreover, year-round activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, observing nature, and picnics are available at Delaware State Parks.

Can you camp overnight on Delaware beaches?

Yes, you can camp overnight on Delaware beaches if you have a valid state park permit.

Always check the beach conditions before camping as some are not open to camping due to rip tides or severe flooding.

Make sure to bring enough food and water for yourself and your pets, as well as firewood for cooking if needed.

Can you camp for free in the Delaware State Forest?

Yes, as long as you are aware of and abide by the rules, you are permitted to camp for free in the Delaware State Forest.

There are restrictions on things like how many people can camp at once and where they can park their cars. Prior to traveling, you must register your campsite online.

What are the best camping locations in the U.S.?

Delaware is a good option if you’re looking for a campground in the US that will provide lots of activities.

Some of the best camping areas in this state are Ocean View Campground and Riverside State Park.

Dover Air Force Base, Wright State Park, and Rehoboth Beach Resort & Marina are some additional fantastic options in this state.

Any Tent Camping in Delaware During The Winter?

Tent sites are typically roomy and can be reserved up to a year in advance. Savage River State Forest, Cape Henlopen State Park, and Danbury Battlefield are a few of Delaware’s top places to pitch a tent.

Campground Recommendations

Here are 10 campgrounds in the state of Delaware that you may want to consider if you’re planning a campground trip.

1. Oley Campground in Marion County: This campground is located in the heart of Marion County and offers great amenities like swimming, playgrounds, fishing, golf, and lake activities.

2. Twin Lakes State Park in Kent County: This park offers hiking, biking, nature trails, picnic areas, a camp store, and more.

3. Cedar Creek Campground in Sussex County: With campsites ranging from primitive to full- service, this campground is perfect for guests of all camping desires.

4. Belleforest State Forest near Harrington: This state park features lush forest areas, hiking trails, picnicking amenities, and a resort-style marina.

5. Greenwood Lake Conservation Area near Newark DE 6 Palmyra National Wildlife Refuge (near Felton): This campground provides rustic camping options among remarkable natural scenery.

6. Fishing Bridge State Park (near Smyrna De Soto): Fish lovers will adore this park’s freshwater lakes and streams for fishing and boating activities.

7. Indian River Inlet Resort and Marina on the Delaware Bay: Enjoy waterfront camping at this resort-style campground that features a marina and boat ramp.

8. Elkton State Forest in Kent County: This park offers camping options for all types of campers, from tent camping to full-service campsites with amenities like golf, swimming pools, playgrounds, picnic areas and more.

9. Perry State Forest in New Castle County: With over 100 campsites spread across the forest’s landscape, this park is perfect for any type of camper looking for some nature respite.

10. Indian River State Park in Sussex County: This park offers camping options for all types of campers, from tent camping to full-service campsites with amenities like golf, swimming pools, playgrounds, picnic areas and more.

Which types of campsites are best suited for families with children, families without children, couples or singles?

The size of the site, the amenities and facilities offered, and the atmosphere of the campground should all be taken into account when selecting a campsite for your upcoming camping trip.

Families with children should seek out campgrounds with a variety of activities, such as playgrounds and swimming pools.

Go for couples or singles sites that offer more privacy if you want a less touristy camping experience.

Choose a large family site with communal areas if you are traveling with friends or family and want to stay together during your trip.


You’ll know which Delaware tent and RV campsites are the finest for your next camping vacation after reading through this list. We’ve got you covered from beach camping to family-friendly camping!

Horseback riding in Delaware campgrounds is an exciting thing to do for people who like nature, and there are many streams and lakes for horseback riders.

Thank you for reading!