Campgrounds in Washington State

If you are looking for a good place to camp, you should try campgrounds in Washington State. They offer excellent facilities for a great vacation.

Check out Cougar Rock Campground or Gifford Pinchot National Forest. There are also numerous campgrounds in Washington National Parks.

Read on to learn more about camping in Washington.

The best Campgrounds in Washington State

Winter or Summer! There are always good campgrounds in Washington State.

Camping in Washington

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Camping in Washington State is an excellent way to see the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With a variety of outdoor experiences from forested lakes to rugged coastline, this state has something to offer everyone. It is home to some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. You can also find a wide variety of camping establishments that offer both privacy and close proximity to nearby attractions.

Washington has three national parks, including the majestic North Cascades, which is located in the northern part of the state. There are also many campgrounds in the state, including Colonial Creek South, which is a forested campground on State Route 20. You’ll find 94 sites here, some of which are even on the shores of Diablo Lake. However, be on the lookout for bears.

If you’re interested in camping in Washington State, you’ll want to be sure to make reservations ahead of time. In the summer, many campgrounds sell out months in advance. Hence, it is important to research the parks well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Cougar Rock Campground

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Cougar Rock Campground, located near the Nisqually River, is a popular camping spot. Its location beside the river and surrounding trees provides a pleasant sense of privacy. The campground includes 191 campsites. There is no sewer, water, or electric hookups. You must bring your own water and waste disposal.

The campground is located in the southwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park. It is a scenic location with easy access to visitor centers and nearby attractions. This campground also has flush toilets and a table for preparing food. The area is rich with waterfalls and old-growth forests. Hiking in this area is possible from the campground. One popular trail is the Wonderland Trail, which is a moderately difficult hike.

The campground is pet-friendly, but it has some restrictions. Pets must be leashed and kept within designated areas. Generators are not allowed on the campground’s gravel or paved roads. Vehicles parked outside of the campground for more than 24 hours will be considered abandoned property. No utilities are available in the campground. Motorbikes are allowed on the campground’s roads, but owners must be licensed and have a current operators license.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

The Gifford Pinchot National Forest is located in southwest Washington. It offers a number of outdoor activities for families and individuals. It is home to more than 50 developed campgrounds. Most are first-come, first-served sites, although group campsites require advance reservations. Campsites usually include a picnic table, a cook grill, drinking water, and restrooms.

Lower Falls Campground is a beautiful, secluded campground in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The campground is located near the Lewis River and features 42 tent-friendly campsites. The campground also provides drinking water and vault toilets. The campsite is close to several waterfalls and is close to the Lewis River Trail. Guests can also enjoy fishing from Zigzag Lake and Canyon Creek.

The campgrounds in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest are available to campers at several locations. There are more than two dozen primitive sites available for families to enjoy. In addition, there are several privately owned RV parks located nearby. Guests may bring leashed pets with them. However, pets are not permitted to swim at the designated beaches.

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Campgrounds in Washington

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest has a varied geography that offers a wide variety of camping options.

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is a national recreation area in northern Washington state. It’s located 15 miles south of the US-Canada border. The national recreation area is home to various campgrounds, and there are even several RV parks within the park.

This forest has a varied geography that offers a wide variety of camping options. You can find a campsite with a view of the mountains, or spend a night in a quiet, riverside setting. There are also many scenic overlooks. Some of the best campsites are within easy reach of rivers, like the Nooksack River.

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is an important part of the Mount Baker National Forest, which stretches over 140 miles across the US-Canada border. Most of the Mount Baker campgrounds are located here.

Ohanapecosh Campground

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Ohanapecosh Campground is one of the most popular campgrounds inside Mount Rainier National Park. It’s surrounded by old-growth forest and is crossed by a beautiful snow-fed river. Popular hiking trails near the campground include Silver Falls and the Grove of the Patriarchs. Whether you’re hiking through the park’s beautiful sub-alpine meadows or taking a scenic drive to the summit, Ohanapecosh Campground offers a peaceful and beautiful setting. It’s a popular campground for backpackers who want to explore the northeast portion of Mount Rainier.

Ohanapecosh Campground is located in Mount Rainier National Park and features 188 sites for tents and RVs. There’s no charge to camp here, but you’ll need to have a Park Pass to access the area. The campground has no showers or laundry facilities, so you’ll have to bring your own supplies. You can only bring two vehicles to your site, but that’s no deterrent to camping in the area.

The Ohanapecosh Campground is situated near the park’s southeast glacier. Its name comes from an Indian word meaning “stand at the edge”. You’ll find the campground along the Ohanapecosh River, which drains cold, clear water from the higher elevations. The river’s canyon entails many waterfalls and cascades.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Okanogan-Wenatcheer National Forest campgrounds in Washington state offer a variety of activities. They’re ideal for families and groups of all sizes. The forest covers 1,735,344 acres in eastern Washington state and extends from the Okanogan National Forest to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

The forest offers over 150 designated campsites and picnic areas. Most are free, but group sites may require reservations. There are no hookups at most sites, but some have drinking water and vault toilets. Some of these sites are only accessible by boat.

The Okanogan-Wenatches National Forest is home to more than 1,000 hiking trails. Many of them are wilderness trails. Others are mixed-use, and eight of them are barrier-free. The forest is also home to the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.

The Okanogan-Wenatcheagle National Forest is the largest forest in Washington state. It spans nearly four million acres from the Canadian border all the way up to the Goat Rocks Wilderness. It includes the Cascade Crest and the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. The area is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Olympic Peninsula

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

The Olympic Peninsula offers several campgrounds. These places provide an excellent base for exploring the area. Most of these campgrounds offer a range of amenities. While you’re staying in one of these campgrounds, you should be aware of how to get around. Many of the campgrounds are accessible via public roads. If you’re going by car, you’ll need to find a place to park. There are also many free shuttles around the peninsula.

The Olympic Peninsula has a number of developed campgrounds, but you’ll also find plenty of free options for dispersed camping. There are a total of nine RV-capable campgrounds in the park. You’ll have to travel a few miles off the highway to get to these spots, but they are very scenic.

The best places to stay when you’re on the Olympic Peninsula are those that provide access to hiking trails. A good resource for finding these campgrounds is the Great Pacific Recreation and Travel Map. This map has detailed tourist information, as well as maps of various towns.

Mount Rainier

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Camping on Mount Rainier is easy, thanks to a variety of options. You can choose from campgrounds near Nisqually, Sunrise, Steven’s Canyon, White River, Carbon River, and Mowich Lake. These campgrounds are within a short drive of the park’s entrance. You can even reserve a backcountry site, which requires a permit.

Although the Mount Rainier campgrounds are open year-round, it is best to visit during the late spring and early fall. These months offer the most ideal weather, snow-free trails, and a variety of wildflowers. Winter camping is also possible at several Mount Rainier campgrounds.

Mount Rainier is home to some of the largest trees in the country, as well as elusive wildlife. This majestic mountain is surrounded by a dense forest, which lends a feeling of peace and serenity. Whether you want to bring a tent or a trailer, you’ll find plenty of places to park your RV and enjoy the view. There are even campgrounds that offer full hookups, which is a plus if you want to stay under the mountain.

American Ridge Lodge

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Located 38 miles west of Naches, Washington, the American Ridge Lodge campground offers camping options for groups of all sizes. This campground features a rustic lodge and outhouse, and is perfect for large groups. The lodge is also an excellent location for activities centered on skiing. In fact, the lodge was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and once boasted an outhouse that could seat twenty people. The lodge has rooms to sleep 60 people, and can accommodate up to 15 vehicles.

If you’re traveling with kids, there are many campgrounds in Washington that offer facilities for children, including swimming pools and basketball courts. Some even offer mini golf, climbing walls, and paddle boats. For those traveling with young children, KOA has several family campgrounds in Washington state. While tent camping is the traditional way to travel, you can also choose from other types of camping to suit your family’s preferences.

For the full camping experience, you’ll need to bring water for cooking and drinking. Additionally, you’ll need a light source. A battery-powered lantern is recommended. The lodge does not provide sleeping bags or pads, so make sure you bring your own. Other necessities to bring include dish soap, matches, a first aid kit, and toilet paper.

Beaver Campground

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

You’re sure to find a campsite with a “D” in its name at Beaver Campground in Washington state. These are campsites that are ideal for large groups, as they can hold up to 60 campers and 20 vehicles. This campground is perfect for families and new campers. However, more experienced campers might not be too happy with children running around or minivans crammed into every campsite.

The campground is situated right next to Beaver Lake, which has a paved Forest Service road. While there are no lakeshore sites, you can enjoy a short hike to Beaver Lake. The campground has a small boat launch and a restroom. The campground offers fee camping and is open from May through October.

You can also enjoy a hike on nearby trails or in the woods. Some campsites are located next to rivers. These are great places to watch wildlife as it comes close to your RV. Some parks even allow campfires.

Colonial Creek Campground

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

If you’re looking for a remote camping destination, Colonial Creek Campground, Washington state is a great place to stay. Located in the north Cascades National Park, this campground is near the beautiful Diablo Lake. This campsite is open from May through September. During this time, it offers amenities such as flush toilets and drinking water. It also has garbage removal services. Its campground has paved and gravel parking areas, and each campsite has a picnic table and a campfire ring.

The Colonial Creek Campground is a good choice for families with small RVs. It offers boat launch access to Diablo Lake, and it’s also close to several hiking trails. Popular hiking trails in the area include Thunder Knob and Fourth of July Pass. This campground is also close to Seattle, and is a 2.5-hour drive from the city. During summer, there are also ranger programs and activities at the on-site amphitheater.

RV and tent camping is available. These sites range in size from 16 feet to 38 feet. Most are walk-ins, and include amenities such as drinking water and flush toilets. Firewood is available for purchase from the campground host. Guests can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, boating, fishing, mountain biking, and wildlife watching.

Lake Wenatchee State Park

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Lake Wenatchee State Park is an area that offers a variety of outdoor activities. The state park sits on the eastern end of Lake Wenatchee, which is a glacier and snowmelt-fed lake in the Wenatchee National Forest on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range.

When visiting the state park, remember to dress appropriately. The area is hot in the summer, but it can get cooler at night. You should bring warm clothes and a sleeping bag if you plan to camp. If you’re planning on camping, October is a good time. However, it is important to be prepared for rain, even in October.

There are several swimming areas in Lake Wenatchee. Several types of fish are present in the lake, including sockeye salmon and cutthroat trout. During the summer, you can find a swimming area near the South Campground, but it can be crowded. Alternatively, you can visit the northern shore, where you’ll find a small, sandy beach with driftwood.

Moran State Park

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Moran State Park is a public recreation area on Orcas Island, located in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound. It has over 5,000 acres of diverse terrain, which includes forests, wetlands, bogs, hills, and lakes. If you’re in the mood for a weekend camping trip or a longer stay, you can find a campground on the island.

Camping in Moran State Park is very popular and offers many amenities. There are four RV friendly campgrounds, including a lakefront campground on Cascade Lake. The campgrounds are open year-round, although the peak season is May through October. A ferry service is available to get to the park and back.

The Moran State Park campgrounds in Washington state have plenty of amenities. They all have flush toilets, potable water, garbage disposals, and campsite picnic tables. For your convenience, there is even a Junior Ranger program.

Queets Campground

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

The Queets Campground in Washington state is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to spend their summers. The campground is a walk-in area that has been closed to car camping since 2005 because of a washout. The road has been reopened and can be accessed from West Boundary Road 21. However, the Queets River Road is still closed. If you plan on camping here, bring a purification system with you.

The Queets Campground is on the Queets River and has 12 camping sites. The campground offers direct access to the river and is adjacent to a record-setting spruce. The campground is also near the 3-mile Sams River Loop Trail, which offers excellent hiking opportunities. You can even ford the river here, if you feel brave. Another attraction is the 2-mile trail to the world’s largest Douglas fir, which is about three miles one-way.

Located in the southwest portion of Olympic National Park, the Queets Campground is situated on a beautiful river. The park is surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the area is known for its beautiful temperate rain forest.

Salt Creek Recreation Area

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Located near the city of Joyce in Washington state, Salt Creek Recreation Area is a 196-acre park. The park was once the site of Camp Hayden, a World War II-era Army post. After the war, the federal General Services Administration purchased the land. It is now a popular destination for outdoor activities.

The recreation area is open year-round. It offers many amenities, including a baseball field, basketball court, and horseshoe pits. In addition, the park offers a reservable picnic shelter. Visitors can also explore the tide pools along the park’s shoreline. The park also hosts the annual Salt Creek Invitational cross-country meet in mid-September.

Salt Creek Recreation Area is located 15 miles west of Port Angeles. The 196-acre park features beautiful views of Vancouver Island. It also has tide pools, sandy beaches, and campsites. The site was used by the military as a harbor defense base during WWII. There are two large concrete bunkers that housed 16-inch cannons, as well as several smaller bunkers. Several other structures were used for magazines and fire control.

Curlew Lake State Park

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

Located on the eastern shore of Curlew Lake in Ferry County, Washington, Curlew Lake State Park is a public recreation area with 87 acres of recreational opportunities. It offers hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. There is a large campground as well.

The park is a popular destination for outdoor recreation. Summer temperatures average in the low 80s, with minimal rainfall. Winters are cold, but not extreme, with temperatures dipping to the mid-twenties. In some months, the area receives up to 17 inches of snow. Visitors can explore the surrounding forests and ice fields during their vacations. Here, they can enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the unique culture of the region.

If you’d like to bring your dog, be sure to register it in advance. You’ll need a dog license and proof of vaccinations. You also must leave young pups or female dogs in heat at home. Dogs must be well-behaved, and park staff will not tolerate aggressive behavior. It’s also your responsibility to pick up after your dog.

Curlew Lake State Park has facilities for RV and tent camping. It offers flush toilets and hot showers in its campgrounds. There’s also a boat ramp and mooring dock. The park also has a camp host, firewood for sale, and a dump station. Visitors can enjoy camping activities, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Central Cascades

The Best Campgrounds in Washington State

The North Cascades is an incredibly popular destination for camping, offering countless lakes, glacier-capped peaks, and endless stretches of forest. The park is located less than three hours north of Seattle. There are dozens of excellent campgrounds throughout the park, providing a wide range of amenities and wilderness adventures. The park welcomes nearly one million visitors a year.

The Central Cascades Forest is a year-round recreation area and offers nearly 49,000 acres. The forest includes six distinct geographic regions, 124 miles of trails, and numerous other activities for visitors to enjoy. Activities in the forest include hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, skiing, off-road vehicle riding, hunting, subsistence gathering, and spiritual ceremonies.

If you’re looking for a longer hike, you can try the 3.5-mile long Hardy & Rodney Falls trail. If you prefer a more leisurely hike, you can also opt for the six-mile Salmo River trail. Both trails are shady and remind hikers of the Western Cascades. Another great campground is Alta Lake, a 174-acre park with two miles of hiking trails. The campground is conveniently located near the towns of Chelan and Twisp.

Colonial Creek is one of the most popular campgrounds in the North Cascades. Located near the shores of Diablo Lake, this campground is often a base camp for exploring the North Cascades. It has over 107 pull-through sites and offers plenty of privacy for tent campers. It is open seasonally from May through September and has toilets and potable water.


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