Camping Group Activities

There are many different camping group activities that can be played in the woods.

Some of the more traditional games include Frisbee golf, Hide-and-seek, and horseshoes. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try playing flashlight tag. You’ll have a blast!


Camping Group Activities

Horseshoes are a great outdoor game that is fun for adults and kids alike. Many campgrounds offer horseshoes as an amenity for guests. The game is simple to play, can involve anyone, and there are literally endless ways to play.

Camp Horseshoe has been a family tradition for Fran and Jordan Ross, who met while working in a summer camp. While at the camp, they each had a different role. Jordan was a cabin counselor for six summers and Fran volunteered for several years. The two have always loved camp and have been a part of it since they were young.

While talking about horseshoes, lets say a few words about Horseshoe Bend State Park. There are several ways to reserve a campsite at Horseshoe Bend State Park. The campground has two covered shelters and several uncovered picnic tables. The campground offers a variety of activities, including hiking, bird watching, and horseshoes.

Horseshoes game - Camping group activities

Frisbee golf

Camping Group Activities

Frisbee golf is a great outdoor game that can be played by adults and kids alike. Some campgrounds even have Frisbee golf courses available for visitors. It’s also easy to play. The main thing is to have a group of people and enough space to play the game.

This game involves two teams and involves throwing a Frisbee into the air. When the “go” is yelled, the players must run to catch the disc as it flies in the air. If they don’t catch the disc, they have to stop and wait for the next player to catch it.

Frisbee golf - Camping group activities


Camping Group Activities

Hide-and-seek is a fun activity for a group of friends to play while camping.

The game can be played by splitting up the group into teams. One group will act as the good guys while the other team will act as the bad guys. The good guys are responsible for finding the bad guys and bringing them to jail. Once all the bad guys have been put in jail, players switch positions. The other players remain hidden until one or two of them finds the hiding player. The person who is last out is the loser.

Hide-and-seek is more fun at camp than at home, so bring a flashlight.

Another great activity for a group is a water balloon fight. Fill up water balloons and make teams. The team with the driest member is the winner.

Hide-and-seek - Camping group activities

Would you rather

Camping Group Activities

A would you rather question can be a fun way to initiate a discussion. By giving children two options, they are more likely to engage in conversation. This allows you to gain insight into their opinions. For young children, the limited choices can make the conversation more interesting. The game also allows you to learn about the differences between different situations and people.

French cricket - Camping group acctivities

French cricket

Camping Group Activities

One of the most enjoyable activities for groups of adults is playing French cricket. This game is easy to play, requires a lot of teamwork, and has a very relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends and family while camping, try French cricket.

French cricket can be played with a variety of people, including children and teens. The game can also be played on a beach or park. The players need at least six people to play. The rules are the same as in the game of cricket. Each team has a bat and bowler. The player with the most balls or the longest innings wins the game.


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